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A promo video for my friends Jeannine and William's new new brilliant fashion collection on their new label LE SUPERBE. Already catching the attention of the media, they were tipped as one of three new designers to watch. Buyers from the elite stores around the world are snapping up this collection. This video pays homage to Jeannine's Venice Beach roots, part punk, part Dog Town surf. Stav, the model, reflected the vibe completely. Originally from Israel, Stav has the right attitude, she could almost be from Venice, with her irreverent attitude and her desire to be surfing or skating, she's constantly on the move and doesnt fit the conventional editorial model at all but the clothes feel like they were made for her. She has a unique way of wearing them just like Jeannine has a unique way of designing them. California is the cultural centre of the world at the moment and this collection is California born and bred. Original music, performed by writing and production duo, Daniel and Tanara, also reflects California's cultural diversity with its mix of sunshine punk, American cool with Brazilian heat!!

#fashion #lesuperbe #jeanninebraden #losangeles

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