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A new collection from two of LA's best known fashion icons William Beranek (William B, Invested Interests and Nickel) and Jeannine Braden, the girl that made the word stylist 'fashionable' and owner of Fred Segal Flair and Post 26.

The two have worked together on clothing design for years but this is their first full 'collection' as a team. Jeannine's stores always set the standard among the edgey and up and coming young actresses and musicians and other members of Los Angele's Demimonde and Williams beautifully tailored suits and pants dressed everyone from surfers to CEO's and Rock Stars.

The following t shirts have my designs on and I'm proud to have been part of the art in Jeannines stores for two decades and have designed various t shirts, jacket linings and scarves for William for the same amount of time.

This collection is one of the most inspiring collection of clothing for women in ages.

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