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Nick Egan (Director) and Annabel Schofield (Producer) have created a new innovative partnership for a full service media arts production and consultancy facility.

Offering everything from client relations, concept, pre production and post production as well as focused ‘branding’ , ‘web content creation’ and ‘app content creation’, bringing a new approach to making commercials for new media. In addition to this they will be offering a ‘less hands on consultancy program’ primarily to help new directors and photographers through the creative process.

They will be adding their extensive knowledge and experience, spanning over two decades. Nick and Annabel have covered every aspect of music, fashion, film, photography, art and retail. They are bringing all these elements into a media arts studio, through Annabel’s - Bella-Bene Production Company. The two iconic figures who, in some shape or form, have been responsible for some of the most memorable pop culture imagery since the 1980’s.

They will create original material as well as continue with client based projects in photography, music videos, album covers, films, commercials, documentaries and the web

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